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Profile of Executive Coach

Adip Roy leads Vantage Point with over 35 years of leadership experience in the IT industry, holding executive positions in various multinational corporations such as IBM, CMC Limited, Fujitsu ICIM and PCS Technology. His most prominent accomplishments include: 

- Building the 800 people, $50M service business for IBM in India, as General Manager.

- Successfully leading Fujitsu ICIM's service division in India, as Vice President, to achieve a position of strength within the industry, growing the business over 50% annually and establishing itself as the top profit center within the company.

- Establishing and leading the strategic service business for PCS Technology in India, as the Head Global Delivery Center, and growing profitability by over 100% during his tenure.Adip has been particularly successful in building sustaining organizations based on the foundations of strong leadership development through 
  focused coaching. Throughout his career he has coached and mentored numerous executives to take on leading roles within the industry. 

   Vantage Point has entered a strategic alliance with Zuback.crc a leading US based Executive Coaching organization, www.zubackcrc.com) to offer the most current coaching methodologies, that have been successfully executed in leading US based firms. Vantage Point's firm Indian grounding combined with the state of the art Coaching techniques from Zuback.crc and Adip's vast leadership experience is bound to provide a powerful solution for companies and executives with a focus on leadership development and building a sustainable competitive advantage.

Since inception in 2011 Adip has coached over hundred Senior Executives from various Industries successfully.