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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is executive coaching ?

2. What are the benefits of Executive Coaching?

3. What experience do Vantage Point have working with senior leaders in 
       corporate environments?

4. Do I need to find a coach that has knowledge and experience in my industry?

5. What are the roles of Coach, Client, and Sponsoring Company?


1. What is executive coaching ?

This is a co-active, confidential, highly personalized process of discovery, learning and development for the executive. During the process of executive coaching, it is expected that client will identify and improve those behaviors, which will help him in the following:
a. Increase effectiveness
b. Learn skills to effectively deal with his current and future business needs
c. To make better decisions
d. Increase self-awareness
e. Increase self-correction etc.

This is not counseling, consulting or mentoring. The coach is also not expected to offer expert advice. During the process of coaching the client will be made aware of his or her strengths and also helped to use his own skills to improve on his or her areas for organizational benefit.



2. What are the benefits of Executive Coaching?
There could be a large number of benefits out of Executive Coaching. However only few are listed below:
a. Improved confidence in execution of roles and responsibilities.
b. Better team-work 
c. The ability to motivate team members and peers
d. A clear understanding on what's needed for success 
e. Ability to discover areas of improvement and work on them.
f.  Development of appropriate competencies/skills needed for success and greater competitive
    In short improved business effectiveness.



3. What experience do Vantage Point have working with senior leaders in corporate          environments?

Adip, who leads Vantaage Point, has over 38 years total experience and over 25 years of working with senior management (CEOs, general managers, vice president/director level, business owners) from start-ups to Fortune 500. He was not only a very senior practicing manager but also coached lot of people.

Now Vantage Point has partnered with Zuback.crc , an executive coaching organization of USA to use their methodology in India.



4. Do I need to find a coach that has knowledge and experience in my industry?

It must be very clearly understood that the role of a coach is to help you achieve desired change in your role or your professional career. Industry experience is not required for success of coaching. 
It is important for the coach to understand you and your business situation to improve your self-awareness generate personal insights, clarify vision, roles and responsibilities. 
However Adip brings his vast business management and organizational experience along with his coaching skills.


5. What are the roles of Coach, Client, and Sponsoring Company?

The role of the Coach is to:

a. Be totally committed to the 'coaching process'.
b. Maintain confidentiality.
c. Express no judgments, systems, and solutions whatsoever but help the client with 
    meaningful feedback. 
d. Actively and patiently listen to client and ask appropriate questions.
e. Challenge assumptions and help the client to clear his/her ambiguity.
f. Provide insights and alternate perspectives as much as possible.
g. Help the Client to remain focused with a desire to reach the desired outcome/growth 
h. Keep the progress in positive direction. 

The role of the Client is to:

a. Be fully committed to the 'coaching'.
b. Offer total co-operation and be totally honest, frank during discussions.
c. Be prepared for the coaching meetings so as to achieve maximum benefits. 
d. Prioritize the issues to be discussed during the meetings so that proper time 
    utilization is done.
e. Help the Coach with a copy of any written assignments, assessments.
d. Keep the coach well informed about the developments etc.
e. Maintain the spirit during the coaching relationship.

The role of the Sponsoring Company is to:

a. Be clear about the expectations from the coach and the Executive (Client) 
b. Be totally supportive in the process Coaching 
c. Support the Client's developmental process and accept changes - if needed 
d. Create the ambiance for giving and getting feedback to/from the Client 
e. Help the coach if required for effective 'coaching'

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