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Coaching Process


After meeting HR (Human Resource) and the Manager of the  executive to be coached the desired outcome and measurements, if any, are discussed. The outline of contracting, key duties and responsibilities are also discussed and finalized.


Coach may use tools of his or client’s choice along with input from his Manager and 360 surveys with key stakeholders for making an assessment.


Coach reviews input (Engagement and Assessment), engages with the executive and his Manager to create a plan for development. This plan might contain few actionable areas to assist the client in his development.


This process may run for 3-6 months with a 2 hour weekly session. The objectives of such sessions are to   help the client leverage his/her strengths and become aware of the impact he or she has on others. He or she is expected to apply new behaviors as planned in feedback.


This is normally a meeting of the coach, client, his/her Manager and HR to review updates. The coaching process might come to an end or extended depending on desired outcome.